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Manning Motorsports Services

Committed to Winning, and Excellence

Manning Motorsports offers many services at and away from the track!

Below is a list of services Manning Motorsports provides outside of LO206 engines:

Kart Prep

Manning Motorsports can take your brand new frame, or even your old one and make sure it's race ready for your next event. Local race or large National Event, Manning Motorsport will make sure your kart is ready to go. We can prepare the kart, scale it, ensure the seat is properly mounted and all pre-tech items are ready.

Driver Coaching

With 15+ years of racing experience with national champion drivers, Manning Motorsports can help you tune your driving skills on and off the track.

Kart Tuning

Manning Motorsports can assist you at the track to make sure that your kart handling is where it needs to be at all times, in all weather conditions. We will make sure to squeeze every tenth out of your kart.

And many more services!

-Clutch Rebuilds

-Tire Mounting

-Decal Installation

-Kart Transportation

and much more!

Contact us at to get in touch with us!

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